Our Mission is to Rescue, Nurture, and Adopt as many dogs and cats as possible into forever, loving homes. To promote the health and well-being of companion animals; to educate pet owners on the importance of spaying, neutering, and regular veterinary care; to encourage pet ownership as a lifetime commitment and to share the joy that our pets offer.

Here are some of the ways we help the animals of the Jefferson City Animal Shelter, and in our community…

Since our inception in 2007 we have worked relentlessly towards our mission. We began by realizing the need for a larger, safer, and more accommodating animal shelter. Our volunteers raised $225,000 towards the new building, which opened in June of 2012. This new facility is well equipped to assist the animals and the staff. And it is beautiful, which increases the number of visitors and encourages adoptions. Distinct areas for the animals increase their comfort and their health while they await their forever home.

We have purchased many items for the enrichment and well being of the animals in the shelter’s care. Every dog has an elevated Kurunda beds in their kennel. While each cat gets a scratching disc, and a box/bed to make them feel safe. Those boxes transform into carriers to take them to their forever homes safely. We have purchased a dental machine for those animals that come in needing dental care. There is a sound system that plays calming music throughout the shelter to help make the animals feel relaxed. We recently upgraded the intake cat kennels to stainless steel kennels. They are easier to keep clean from germs and viruses. We’ve added another outdoor exercise yard for the dogs. These are just a few things that we’ve been able to purchase because of the generosity of our community.

Our big focus right now is on spaying, neutering and promoting veterinary care with our Low Cost Spay and Neuter program. We give a limited number of $100.00 vouchers each month. The voucher allows the holder to take their pet to one of twelve local veterinarians for a spay or neuter. The decreased number of breeding pets will also decrease the number of animals needing homes; while initiating a relationship between the pet owner and a local veterinarian.

We also provide trap-neuter-return services for feral and community cats, to reduce the number of stray and unadoptable cats entering the shelter, through our Wild Thing – Feral Feline Fix program.

The Friends do not work for the shelter, we work with the shelter. We share the common goal of bettering the lives of the pets in our community. The shelter employees do not have access to spend our funds, and we do not fund day-to-day operations at the shelter. When a suggestion or a request is made, whether by a volunteer or a shelter employee, our board votes it on. Due to the generosity of our animal loving community we have been able to make a big difference for the shelter animals and for other pets in the community. We hope this benevolent partnership continues to thrive for years to come.

Many animals have been saved by our compassionate veterinarians over the years. Whether it is a respiratory infection, leg amputation, or eye surgery, the animals are given a chance for a wonderful life in a loving home.

October 2021