Low Cost Spay & Neuter Program

One of the most significant ways we can help decrease the number of homeless pets entering our shelter is through our spay & neuter program.

We have discontinued our previous voucher program, and have replaced it with a new coupon program that began July 1, 2021. 

How this new program works….

Beginning July 1, 2021, you can apply for a spay/neuter coupon on this website, or pick up an application in person at the Jefferson City Animal Shelter – 2308 Hyde Park Road, Jefferson City. Approved applicants will have a coupon mailed to them.

The coupons are good for $100.00 off of a spay or neuter surgery (for cats, dogs, and rabbits!) at any of the participating veterinary clinics listed below. The clinics are in Jefferson City or the immediately surrounding area. 

An application must be completed for each coupon you are requesting. Only 3 coupons will be allowed per person, per year. The coupons are for individuals, not rescue organizations or shelters.

25 coupons will be issued each month, on a first-come first-serve basis. If we run out of coupons we will notify you via e-mail to reapply the following month.

You will have 90 days from the issue date to have your pet’s surgery performed.

If the coupon is used at a clinic where the spay or neuter surgery costs less than $100.00, the balance of the coupon can be used towards additional services and products during the same visit:

Including: Vaccinations, microchipping, de-wormer, flea/tick or heartworm preventative, Elizabethan-collars, or another medical procedure

Excluding: Declawing, dew claw removal, ear cropping, or tail docking

We are out of coupons for November. The next round of coupons will become available December 01, at which time the application link will work.

Click here to apply

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Participating Veterinarians

All Paws Medical and Behavioral Center

Animal Medical Center of Jefferson City

Countryside Veterinary Clinic

Quail Valley Veterinary Clinic  

Southwest Animal Hospital

Steck, Greg DVM

Summit Veterinary Services

Weathered Rock Veterinary Clinic

Woodland Animal Hospital


Here are some sample prices* from a few participating clinics, to help you select a clinic that you can afford:

*These prices are approximate, and are dependent on the animal’s weight, age, and other contributing factors. 

Quail Valley Veterinary Clinic:   Dog Neuter $131-150, Dog Spay $151-195;   Cat Neuter $73-93, Cat Spay $136    Rabies Vaccination $23.50

Greg Steck, DVM:   Dog Neuter $100-120, Dog Spay $125-190;     Cat Neuter $35,  Cat Spay $70-80;     Rabies Vaccination: Dog $20, Cat $10

Summit Veterinary Services:    Dog Neuter $160, Dog Spay $165-195:     Cat Neuter $80, Cat Spay $155;     Rabies Vaccination $28

Countryside Veterinary Clinic:     Dog Neuter $125, Dog Spay $175:     Cat Neuter $75, Cat Spay $90-100;     Rabies Vaccination $20 


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